Catch flights, not feelings!

Catch flights, not feelings!

We've been feeling the heat in Dubai for a while but as the end of term approaches and the summer holidays can officially start we want to make sure you pack smart for all upcoming trips. Whether you beat the heat and take off home to the motherland (wherever in the world that might be) or you are planning a local staycation, maybe you have a European getaway planned or even just a pool day somewhere close? We have the best products available to make sure your luggage looks the part but also helps keep everything organised. 

Here are our TOP 3 items to travel with this summer ~ 

1. Clear Pouch ~ It packs flat but holds a lot. For me, I could never fly without this trusty steed. Being the one responsible for all the passports, boarding cards, luggage tags and hotel documents, I can also carry phone chargers, AirPods, keys, money and a few other flight essentials (wet wipes, lip balm, hand cream and mints). 

2. Penny Tote & Matching Pochette ~ Not only is it light as a feather and flat as a pancake for packing but the matching pochette that comes with it can double up as a wash bag, somewhere to store valuables or for carrying your SPF. Available in a range of fun, bright colours for summer both items can be personalised any which way you like. If travelling with family this large bag is easy to carry and an hold it all!

3. Jewellery Roll ~ If like me you like to take all rings off on the flight (especially long haul) this compact pouch is a great place to store all jewellery costume or otherwise. With compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches it's not only useful but easy to pack and store in the safe when you reach your final destination.

It goes without saying I have Large and Small pouches for literally everything else but these 3 items will definitely be coming with me on my next trip! 

Happy holidays, safe travels and here's to a great summer of making memories x


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